North Laine

North Laine signpost

North Laine is usually considered to be the region bounded by Queens RoadGrand Parade, and Trafalgar Street (but not including the Pavilion Park complex).

A "Laine" is a field below a hill, and North Laine was mostly fields until the surge in development triggered by the new railway, at which point it began to be developed, piecemeal fashion. It's rumoured that the street plan mirrors the old field-strip layout, as plots were sold off one by one and built on.

With its odd narrow streets and haphazard mix of building styles, North Laine initially became Brighton's slum area, but, like other areas of cheap housing (like London's Carnaby Street and Camden Lock), it reemerged as a bohemian shopping area as the combination of cheap rents and a nearby population of potential customers with money attracted small and quirky businesses, and after the number of "individualistic" busineses reached critical mass, the area became a self-sustaining attraction in its own right.

North Laine Community Association