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Daltons Bastion, Madeira Drive,
Brighton BN2 1TB

GPS 50.819107, -0.134389
Mon-Sun, 10am-late, £8

Brighton Wheel

Brighton Wheel, 2012Opened in late 2011, the Brighton Wheel is a white observation-style ferriswheel with enclosed "pods" vaguely similar to (but not really in the same league as) the "London Eye". 

It's positioned just to the East of the Palace Pier, by the Volks Electric Railway's "Aquarium" station.

It provoked strong opposition from some local residents at the time, but ... it's a ferriswheel. Brighton didn't have a ferriswheel, and now it does (the Pier itself doesn't have a wheel, it has a pod at the end of a long "pendulum" arm that gets swung around in a circle ... it's that large structure at the end of the pier that looks like a crane). 

Adult tickets on the Wheel cost eight pounds.