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Brighton Visitor Information Centre (and shop)

Brighton has an unusually good Visitor Information Centre, with brochures, leaflets, guides, free maps, and useful counter staff with internet access who can help with buying tickets and finding hotels.

The Centre's situated fairly centrally, just outside the southern stone entrance to Pavilion Park. Next door to the centre is a tourist memento and memorabilia shop.

Finding it

The Centre and shop are also next to Al Duomo Pizzeria, which has large dark red awnings.

If you're already in the park, walk to the Pavilion, then turn right and follow the Pavilion South until it meets the stone arch. As soon as you pass through the arch, the Centre's on your left.

If you're on North Street, keep heading downhill (~East-SouthEast) towards the pier, and peek along each of the roads on your left until you see a short road with a chunky stone archway with a dome on top sitting at the other end. There's also a stone building with tan and dull red horizontal stripes on the corner of Pavilion Buildings and North Street that makes a handy marker.

Unfortunately, funding cutbacks mean that the current centre isn't expected to last in its current state past late 2013, and it's not yet decided what might replace it if it goes.

There are also two outboard Visitor Information Points that can supply you with leaflets, one in Brighton Toy and Model Museum under the station, and another on the Pier, although the pier one is slightly limited.

The Pavilion, South Gate, and Visitor Information Centre Brighton Tourist Information centre and Royal Pavilion Shop

Brighton Visitor Information Centre, 4-5 Pavilion Buildings  Brighton and Hove, Brighton, East Sussex BN1 1EE Tel: 0300 300 0088