Brighton Promenade

Brighton Promenade, panoramic view

Brighton Promenade stretches from the Marina (far left) to the Pier (far right).  

The Promenade was popular in Victorian times, but is now a little under-used, and it's shortly going to be the focus of a rejuvenation campaign.

The picture's taken from the railing around the Maderira Lift, a Victorian lift from the upper street level by Marine Square down to the beachfront, that operates during the summer months. The building directly below the lift outcrop is the Concorde2 venue and nightclub. The yellow rectangular area in front of the Lift is the Yellowave beach volleyball sand area, which the Volks Electric Railway arches around. Just to the East is the Peter Pan adventure playground and minigolf, and the Volks Half-Way Station and carriage-sheds.   

Brighton railingsMadeira Lift, Brighton PromenadeBrighton railings