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201 Kings Road Arches, BN1 1NB
GPS 50.819955, -0.142005
Mon-Sun, free

Brighton Fishing Museum

Brighton Fishing Museum and Fishing Quarter 

Brighton Fishing Museum is on the seafront approximately mid-way between the Palace Pier and the wreck of the old West Pier. It's situated (appropriately enough) at the bottom of Ship Street, in the middle of the Fishing Quarter. It doesn't have the most exciting name for a tourist attraction, but in reality, it's not so much fishing museum as a seafront museum.

They do certainly do have a big fishing boat, and historical material on the local fishing history, but they also have a lot of general purpose material on Brighton shipping and on how the area changed when tourism began to dominate. They have a nice pictorial record of the seafront during different periods, and if you step through into the side-arch, there's a collection of artefacts and ironwork from the West Pier , and a newly-installed set of informational posters on the history of Punch and Judy, and a cabinet of puppets.

Not fishing. But interesting.

The BFM might not keep you enthralled for a long time, but it's fairly interesting, and it's free.  

Brighton Fishing Museum, interior